Boarding Coordinator
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Supervise and monitor the safety and security of Student Dormitory and all boarders;
  • Work with the school administration and academic team to ensure that the Student Dormitory is well-maintained and meets all safety standards;
  • In coordination with the admin team, ensure that the Student Dormitory is clean and orderly, and all necessary supplies are stocked in order.  Report any required repairs to equipment and facilities promptly.
  • Establish and enforce rules and regulations for boarders, and ensure the maintenance of good discipline;
  • Organise and schedule structured free-time activities during boarding time for boarders;
  • Assist boarders with their pastoral care and social and emotional needs, and counsel students on issues such as behaviour, health, and personal development, and coordinate with school counsellors when necessary;
  • Keep records and reports on student behavior, attendance, special medical needs and disciplinary concerns, etc.
  • Enhance relationships with parents to ensure that they are kept informed of boarders’ progress;
  • Provide a positive and fulfilling residential experience for all boarders;
  • Conduct risk assessments and liaise with SLT, school clinic, admin and academic team regarding boarding health and safety when necessary.
  • Bachelor’s degree or above;
  • PGCE or equivalent teaching license;
  • Experience working with boarding students or a residential school;
  • Good interpersonal skills and able to work independently as well as be a good team player;
  • Operate in a professional and caring manner with boarders;
  • Initiative, willingness to serve, and attention to detail;
  • Safeguarding training and awareness;
  • Two signed, confidential references (one of which will be from the candidate’s
  • current employer) before the start of contract;
  • Verification of original qualifications.
  • Master’s Degree;
  • Safeguarding training level 1/2;
  • First aid training;
  • Leadership experience.